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Мой is a young brand, born in 2015 out of love and passion by fashion designer Ilana Buhgendler in Tel-Aviv, IL
Created to embody Ilana's inspirations, the origin of the name Мой comes from the Russian word for "mine". In fact, it all started with a little tattoo “люблю” (meaning “LOVE”) on Ilana’s leg.
The brand’s identity fuses street style and sportswear while using Cyrillic words and puns.
The brands style combines sporty with elegance. The designs are "basic" -clean straight lines and the fabrics are all hand selected from only the highest of qualities – all to create a "high street style", comfortable and soft with a glamorous twist suitable for a night out.
The collections are designed for both women and men. Every garment is limited edition as opposed to mass produced, allowing the use of only the best materials for each and every item created.
The current collection (FW18)’s concept was inspired by the Catholic Church,
using words like: “свобода” (meaning “freedom”), “боже мой” (meaning “oh my god”) and the use of specific graphics such as Jesus’s throne crown and Maria’s halo.
This is the brands 3rd collection with the 4th on its way.





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